This Page Provides a Summary of the Meetings that took place for the
Year of Faith Networking Bible Study, including videos of the talks given.

Gospel of Mark
Rev. James McIlhone
Director of Biblical Formation
for the Archdiocese of Chicago

Article about Fr. Jim in this edition of
the Catholic New World

Fr. Jim's web site

Welcoming Committee for
Oct. 23:

Joyce Duriga, Editor,  
Catholic NewWorld,
Newspaper for the Archdiocese of Chicago

David Steiger,
Adjunct Professor at DePaul University,
Author “
The Globalized Lawyer;”  
In-House Counsel at CNA Insurance.

Michele Cahill, Director,
Notre Dame Club of Chicago

John Spitkovsky,
Chief Technology Officer – Partner at
MS Consulting Services, Inc.

Carol Cera,
Illinois Department of Human Rights

Our October 23 Program
featured a
Bible Overview
Father John Kartje
Chaplain & Director
Sheil Catholic Center
Northwestern University

November 13, 2012 Program

October 23, 2012 Program
Fr. McIlhone's talk is about
45 minutes.

Click here for the Video  of
Fr. McIlhone's Nov. 13 talk!

HERE is Fr. Jim's handout.

For those who want to do
MORE, here is some
Fr. Kartje's talk is about
45 minutes.

HERE to listen to
Fr. Kartje's Oct. talk-
Bible Overview.

download/view Fr.
Kartje's handout.

If you are reading a chapter a day, you might want to read the chapter a day with your
child/children (no matter what age) or even do it with an elderly neighbor or parent who
cannot get out to join us.  Fr. Kartje gives the following recommendations for children's

Early Readers Bible for (pre-schoolers)

The Catholic Youth Bible (for elementary/middle schoolers)  

And for high schoolers (or advanced middle schoolers), he recommends the
Catholic Study
Bible - that will take them from high school into the rest of their lives.  This is the Bible he
also recommends for adults.

Gospel of Matthew
Rev. Donald Senior
President Catholic Theological Union

December 11, 2012 Program

Check out the wonderful
programs at
Catholic Theological Union!


Flier About CTU

Spring Open Houses

Summer 2012 Institute

Thanks to Ben Stanson, litigation media specialist, for doing the audio and video taping for us!
Not only is he fast and good, he is a genuinely nice person and pleasure to work with!

Welcoming Committee for Dec. 11:

Lea Dacanay, Vicariate Stewardship Consultant
Archdiocese of Chicago
Paul Laliberte, Vice President, Wunderlich Securities
Greta Matzen, Senior Litigation Attorney, CNA Insurance
Victoria Rock, CEO & President, Victoria Court Reporting Services
John Thurmond, Director, Lateral Link
Interested in making a pilgrimage with Fr. Jim?  Check out these trips.
(These are not paid advertisements in any way. They are trips with Fr. McIlhone, Director of Biblical Formation and with the Office for Mission
Education & Animation | Pontifical Mission Societies, Archdiocese of Chicago.  We thought you might want to know about them.

Holy Land with Fr. Jim McIlhone - September 2012

Father Robert Schoenstene
speaking on
Acts of the Apostles

    Welcoming Committee for January 22:
    Juan Alberto Castillo, Design Director - EMI Network
    Jay Derbis, Attorney, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP
    Laura Jacksack, Attorney, Jacksack Law Offices
    Michael Sullivan, Senior Software Engineer, Forum Analytics
    Carol Tomaselli, Director of Parish Outreach, Relevant Radio
    Catherine Stakenas, Associate Professor, Chicago School of
    Professional  Psychology  and Owner, CPS Corporate Consultants

                     February 19 Program

David Casper
Although most of you recognize Dave's
name from his football days at Notre
Dame, with the Oakland Raiders or when
he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame
in 2002, he is also an accomplished and
trusted financial representative  for
Mutual Financial Network and a man of
In 2009, he was inducted into the
Sports Faith International Hall of Fame.  
He is a member of
Catholic Athletes for Christ,
and contributor to Relevant Radio.
Fr. James McIlhone, Director of Biblical Formation
for the Archdiocese of Chicago

Gospel of John

Click HERE to watch
the video of Fr. Jim's talk about the Gospel of John. If you like
that and want more of Fr. Jim, scroll down to watch his talk on the
Gospel of Matthew in November.

Article about Fr. Jim in this edition of
the Catholic New World

Fr. Jim's web site

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Sr. Laurie Brink,
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union

Speaking on:
Proclaiming Christ Crucified (1 Cor 1:23)
Introducing the Apostle Paul and His Letters

Special Guest
Nancy Nickel, Director of
Marketing and
Communications  Catholic
Theological Union (CTU)
If you want to learn more
about CTU and its many
programs or the trips to the
right, she can answer any
questions for you.   For more
info about CTU,
It is the stuff of movies—a zealous man of God persecutes the
wayward followers of a cult only to be transformed by its
resurrected founder into a zealous man of God proclaiming
Christ crucified. Paul of Tarsus is both enigmatic and familiar.
His seven genuine letters depict the struggles of the nascent
faith as it took root among the Gentiles. This presentation
introduces the Apostle to the Gentiles and his epistolary legacy.

Click HERE to watch
Professor Brink's Talk!

Handout for Talk
Tue. April 16,  2013: Genesis
Professor Dianne Bergant, CSA
Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies
Catholic Theological Union

To hear Professor Bergant's talk about Genesis,
Agenda & Speaker Bio and Handout
Welcoming Committee Bios

The Book of Genesis has some of the most
interesting as well as the most difficult
biblical stories to understand.  A careful look
at a few of these stories will show that their messages continue to be relevant for us today.  Come make
some new friends and business connections, and get a little closer to God!
                              April 16 Welcoming Committee!
Ted Stephan, Attorney, Dowd & Dowd                                   Joe Dondalski, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Merrill Lynch
Stephen Marrero, Fund Manager, Marr Capital                     Audrey Kizys, Account Executive, New World Publications
Chris Manns,  Managing  Director, Traders Group                 Pegeen Quinn, Assistant Provost, Columbia College                       
             May 21, 2013
    Our Featured Theologian:  
       Fr. James McIlhone,
Director of Biblical Formation
    Archdiocese of Chicago
Topic:  Jeremiah!
Special Guest for May 21:  
Diana Faust
Executive Director
Franciscan Outreach

Attendees had the chance to network with one of
our finest Non-Profit Executives in Chicago.

Diana's Bio
The book of Jeremiah is one of the most challenging books in the Bible-- a mix of prophecy and
history.  Jeremiah ministered to the nation of Judah in its final years before the Babylonian
conquest and the exile in 587 B.C.- a time of political upheaval.  Jeremiah  preached a hard
message of repentance - a message of judgment which few wanted to hear.  He also  preached a
message of hope.   His message has been preserved for us.  How is it relevant to us?  
Is it relevant to us?  Listen to Fr. Jim and find out.

Link to Video of Fr. Jim's May 21st Talk: Click HERE!  

Handout and Fr. Jim's complete bio.

Article about Fr. Jim in this edition of  the Catholic New World

Fr. Jim's web site

June 18, 2013
Featured Theologian: John R. Barker, OFM,
Assistant Professor of Old Testament,
Catholic Theological Union

Topic:  God, Humans, and the Mystery of Suffering:
The Book of Job

Link to Video of Prof. Barker's Talk
Handout for Talk

The book of Job is a source of both inspiration and puzzlement. The book explores yet refuses to
provide simple answers to the mystery of life and human suffering. Does it refute the principle of
retribution—our experience of life is largely dependent on our own actions—or does it support it?
Does the book critique or vindicate God, or both? What do the book of Job and the Cross of Christ
have to say to one another? This presentation introduces the book of Job as a work of profound
theological depth and complexity that invites contemporary people of faith to ponder the mystery of
the human experience with both dignity and humility.

About Professor Barker:
(Don't you think Fr. Barker looks way too happy to be
talking about Job???)

John R. Barker, OFM, is a Franciscan friar with the Province of Saint John the Baptist (Cincinnati). He
received his MA/MDiv from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and is currently completing his
doctorate at Boston College. He is Assistant Professor of Old Testament at CTU. John’s main areas
of research relate to the formation and function of biblical texts, particularly the prophetic literature.
This includes such critical approaches as rhetorical criticism, the history of the interpretation and
reception of biblical texts, and the Bible in the Church and culture. John has presented on a variety
of biblical topics at parishes throughout Chicago and contributes regularly to Weekday Homily Helps
and other pastoral publications.

Special Guest for June 18:  
Mary Zeien, Founder, Executive
Director of The Well of Mercy

The Well of Mercy provides a 5 year program that supports
single pregnant women who choose life for their unborn
children and who need shelter, education, emotional support
and spiritual guidance to build a poverty-free future for their
families. The Well of Mercy currently serves as a haven to 14
mothers and their children.  Are you thinking of doing some
great project? Come network with Mary and get her advice on
how to make a dream come true (and keep it alive)!
Welcoming Committee for June 18

Randi Belisomo,

Christopher Clark,
Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Thomas A. Smith, Attorney
Senak Keegan Gleason Smith & Michaud, Ltd.


Agenda & Fr. Jim's Bio

Handout for the Talk July 23 Talk

For the link to the audio tape of Fr.
Jim's July 23 Talk,  Click

Ever wish you had a friend
who could reach 28 million people
via  34 radio stations and
across the world over the internet
with information about the great things
your parish, company, charity
or organization is doing?  

If so, contact Carol!

Carol's Bio & Contact Info
& Welcoming Committee Bios
Special Guest for July 23:Carol Tomaselli, Director of Parish Outreach, Relevant Radio(TM)
Fr. James McIlhone, Director of Biblical Formation,
Archdiocese of Chicago
July 23:  Topic:  The Gospel of Luke
August 13: Topic - Social Justice Prophets  
July 23 Welcoming Committee
Anthony Beaudette, Senior Unerwriter/Gaming Unit, Zurich American Insurance Company
Tim Daro, President, Bernard & Company
Joyce Duriga, Editor, Catholic New World
Colleen Stevenson, Director of the Mortgage Foreclosure
Mediation Center, Center for Conflict Resolution


Tessa McEwen, Dir. Marketing/Communications Midtown Educational Foundation
Patricia Malinowski, Coordinator, Chicago Catholic Scripture School
Morgan Ruey, Employment Counsel, PepsiCo, Inc.

Chicago Loop Year of Faith
Monthly Networking Bible Study
The last meeting was September 17, 2013. If you missed it, you can still enjoy the talks on this page!  
The message is eternal and preserved here for YOU!
Consider: If you found your way to this page today, perhaps you were meant to listen to one or more of these talks.  
Maybe ALL of them!
Thank you to Fr. James McIlhone,
Director of Biblical Formation, Archdiocese of Chicago

Link to Video of Fr. Jim's
Sept. 17 talk on Revelation!

Article about Fr. Jim in this edition of  the
Catholic New World

Fr. Jim's web site

Thank you to all who served on our Welcoming Committees throughout the year and for our last meeting in September!

Jay Derbis, Vice President & Senior Counsel, BMO Financial Group
Joanne Dobbie, President, Legacy & Lores
Joyce Duriga, Editor, Catholic New World
Camela Furry, Contract Manager, Verizon Business
Peter Kitchin, President, Catholics Transforming Culture and Marycrest Development LLC
The December 2
Catholic New World Article
about the Year of Faith Networking
Bible Study program.

Advice for Surviving and
Thriving at a
Networking Event!